piano Erard Boisselot Pape Pleyel
« The perfection of Erard‘s pianos has reached
a level that puts him a century ahead of his time,
it can‘t be described, you have to see, hear, and
play yourself »
Adam Liszt to Czerny, Sept 1824

« I don’t ever want to hear again that the piano
can’t be used in a large concert hall, that the
sound doesn’t carry, that the nuances get lost,
etc… I will take for proof the 3000 individuals
who filled the huge Scala Theatre last night […]
and who admired the slightest details of your
beautiful instrument […] never before has a
piano produced such an effect »
Franz Liszt to Pierre Erard, 11 Dec 1837

« The contribution you have made by the
perfection of your instruments to my playing, and
by the beauty of their sound to my imagination,
is as great as are your kindness and friendship
of which I have received such proof - this last
[Erard had just given Mendelssohn a grand
piano] is but another example »
Mendelssohn to Pierre Erard, 18 Dec 1839
1808 Erard piano
pinao Erard Herz Pape Pleyel Boisselot
London Erard n° 74 c.1830 Hummel
piano Erard Boisselot Pape Pleyel
London Erard 1832 N° 16x
piano Erard Boisselot Pleyel Pape Herz
Liszt Thalberg Erard
London Erard 1832 N° 177
Erard 1834 n° 13317
piano Erard Pleyel Boisselot Pape
Erard piano N° 13415
piano Erard Pleyel Boisselot Pape
Erard piano N° 13803
piano Erard Pape Pleyel Boisselot
piano Pape Pleyel Herz Boisselot Erard
Erard piano n° 14100 (1838)
Erard piano N° 13916
piano Pape Pleyel Erard Boisselot
Expo Erard Pleyel Pape Boisselot Herz
Erard piano n° 13783 (1836)
piano Boisselot Pape Herz Erard Pleyel
1839 Paris Expo Erard piano
N° 14731 Erard piano
Erard piano
N° 15704 Erard piano
Erard piano
c.1840 Erard piano
N° 15125 Erard piano
N° 14892 Erard piano
Erard citronnier
n° 16406 Erard piano 1844 expo
Erard 12964
Erard piano N° 14124
N° 15373 Erard piano
Erard piano N° 14230
Erard piano N° 14379
Erard Paris 13093
Erard piano N° 14494
N° 15081 Erard piano